Book Preview-Lacking Motivation? Follow These Steps

We are excited to announce that the new book, “Relationships, Referrals, and Results; How to Avoid the Networking Disconnect” by Dr. Ivan Misner & Brennan Scanlon is currently in the editing process and set for release in January of 2015!  Below is an excerpt from one of Dr. Misner’s chapter’s.  Enjoy this sneak peak! Lacking Motivation? Follow […]

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Is your behavior costing you?

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3 D’s to Drive Referrals

Big companies spend millions of dollars on their brands. Small businesses would like to, but cannot afford the same investment. Even though you might not have the budget of the big companies, you still have the same need. Each week networkers invest time into organizations like BNI and Chambers of Commerce.   They go on 1-2-1 meetings, […]

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Brand on it, then Stand on it

Have you ever been hit by a ton of bricks? Neither have I, but I imagine it would get your attention. While traveling to Oklahoma recently for a speaking engagement I was preparing for a keynote presentation. I wanted so much for my attendees to have a great experience. I wanted to impact them in […]

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Solutions, not Problems

Imagine for a moment, a beautiful 19 year old girl named Christine. Thinking she is deeply in love, starts dating a new boyfriend named Jeff. Over the course of the next seven years, Christine and Jeff’s relationship changes from that that of a boyfriend and girlfriend, to one where she referrers to him as her […]

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Highly Relational Ted

That’s what Ted is.  It took me a long time to learn this, but now it’s clear.  Ted Bishop with Community Auto Service is highly relational.  I was told be a good friend early in my career that there are only two really good connections you need in life; an attorney and an auto mechanic.  […]

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Brennan as Guest on the official BNI Podcast with Dr. Ivan Misner

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What Does Doug Know That Others Don’t?

I’m excited to have a guest on this blog post. When I heard this story, it was too good not to share…. “The radio industry, like a large number of other industries, has been reliant on setting appointments via cold calls since dinosaurs roamed the earth. However, I find networking is a more reliable source […]

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Don’t Promise, Just Deliver

Talk is cheap and there is no shortage of it. Some people like to talk because they feel like they have to, others because they feel like they can’t stop. Unless you are a cranky passenger on a crowded airplane or trying to read a good book at the pool, overly talkative people are harmless. […]

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What’s Your Why?

Stop. What are you doing right now, and why? Imagine if you asked yourself this question before doing anything. Sure, in cases such as brushing your teeth, bathing, and eating, you don’t need to explore these decisions. However, what about your business activities? They say there is a thin line between a groove and a […]

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