Do you hate networking?  Or, do you enjoy networking but would like better results?  In this must-have guide, you’ll learn the right way to develop meaningful relationships and quality referrals

Have you ever been “sold to” while attending networking meetings?  If so, this is called “the networking disconnect!”  Every time one person tries to “sell” another person without forming a relationship, this is like a new circle, or connection, that will never be.  But what if there was a way to actually develop these relationships and have them go full circle—a way to ensure that relationships foster referrals, which then produce results?

Authors Dr. Ivan Misner and Brennan Scanlon are experts in the area of business networking.  Their careers have focused on teaching entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales people how to build and leverage professional referral networks.  Their combined 50 years of experience & ideas have been funneled directly into this book.

In Avoiding the Networking Disconnect, they share their networking insights, providing you with stories, statistics, and strategies for creating more sales through a tried-and-true approach that champions connections rather than competition.

At the heart of this approach are the “three Rs.” Similar to the three Rs of education (reading, writing, and arithmetic), the three Rs of business networking—relationships, referrals, and results—must be consistently cultivated to avoid the networking disconnect.

The book provides you with the five steps for building and maintaining strong business networks—steps that go far beyond just showing up at events and passing out your business cards! It will take some effort, and the process won’t always flow smoothly, but with the aid of Avoiding the Networking Disconnect, you’ll soon be reaping the generous benefits of a business approach based on sharing and trust.

Purchase “Avoiding the Networking Disconnect” today and learn how to increase your business through referrals!

Avoiding the Networking Disconnect

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  • The humorous anecdotes and heartfelt stories in this book, coupled with the fundamental action steps, will keep any reader inspired and educated from cover to cover.

    Michael Gerber
    Author of the E-Myth
  • Dr. Ivan Misner & Brennan Scanlon have put the “soul” & “success” back into networking.  If you’re intrigued by discovering (or rediscovering) why you’re in business and how to make that really work for you, this book is a must read.

    Jack Canfield
    Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & Success Principles