Brennan works best with companies & trade associations who are serious about bettering their relationships & dramatically increasing the referral business of their employees or their members. His strength in public speaking will make a great impression on your audience and will prove to be results based.

Keynote Presentations & Trainings


Avoiding the Networking Disconnect; The 3 R’s to Reconnect

Have you ever been “sold to” while attending networking meetings?  If so, this is called “the networking disconnect!”  Every time one person tries to “sell” another person without forming a relationship, this is like a new circle, or connection, that will never be.  But what if there was a way to actually develop these relationships and have them go full circle—a way to ensure that relationships foster referrals, which then produce results?

In this keynote, Brennan will share networking insights, stories, statistics, and strategies for creating more sales through a tried-and-true approach of building the best business relationships one could hope to have.

note: the content of this keynote comes from Brennan’s new book.


Robust Relationships & the 3 P’s to Profit

In your business, do you have dozens of referral partners and sources speaking of you highly and often? Are they sending you high level referrals all week, every week? This interactive session will determine just how “robust” your relationships really are, and how many of them you actually have.

Brennan will compare some of his favorite things like coffee, a good cigar, a good bourbon, and a well crafted wine and correlate how the best of these, like the best relationships, take time and the right process to create.


Inspirational Language, Delivered with Passion, Moves People

How are you describing your business? It’s not just about features and benefits; it’s about problems and solutions. Explain your business in a manner where people will have to have it! Purchases are made on emotion, how much are you moving people? After all, its only Inspirational Language, Delivered with Passion, that Moves People.

In this keynote, Brennan will share amazing true to life  stories of how changing one’s language can launch their business or careers.  He will break it down into practical & easy to implement steps to reverse the way the audience members speak about themselves and their businesses.


The Circle of Service

In this session Brennan will reverse the order in which a company looks at customer service.  Logic would suggest that you begin with the customer in mind, when in fact the customer comes LAST.  What comes first are the core values and ideals of the employee, then the company, and the result will become amazing customer service; by default.

This interactive session will instill a culture of amazing customer service from the inside out.


Time Management & Efficiency at its Best

Like most of us, you probably face unproductive and unnecessary meetings, a mountain of work on your desk and a never ending wave of voicemails and emails. It’s a balancing act, where managing yourself, your time and how you react to events outside your control are critical to your success. This workshop will help you reclaim your time like never before.

Brennan will show you how to remove disorganization from your day and replace it with laser focus, how to prioritize like never before, how to handle interruptions that take you off course, and how “continuous partial attention” effects your productivity.  Finally, Brennan will share how to utilize Dr. Tony Alessandra’s Platinum Rule® to get the absolute best out of your team.


Referral Success-101

Are you getting all the referrals you want for your business?  Business owners understand the value of referrals but they don’t often have control over their referral business.   Referral marketing is the most effective form of marketing for businesses with limited marketing budgets. In this session, you will learn how to develop a strategic referral network, who should be in it, how to find them,  and how to motivate those people to refer business to you.  What’s more, the higher the quality of the referral, the less price matters.  This class will open your eyes to the possibilities of generating more sales in less time by doing business by relationship. Unless you can find more time and work harder than you already are, you can’t afford to miss this class.


Referral Success-202

Business owners today can no longer sit & wait for people to walk in the door.  Now, more than ever, referral relationships are paying off big for those who have them, and leaving far behind those who don’t.  A United States Chamber of Commerce Study found that the closing ratio of a cold prospect is between 1 – 2%.  However, a personal introduction from “A Friend” was 75 – 85%.  Would a strategy for generating consistent, predictable, high quality referrals be of interest?   In this session, you will learn how to harness the power of your EBM, Emotionally Based Message, to ensure countless high quality referrals. Turn up your referral radar by learning how to respond to questions & comments like, “What do you do for a living?”  “How’s business?”  Or, “If I can ever help you, please let me know.”  Lastly, learn an easy four-step process that will kick your referral marketing into overdrive.


Room Full of Referrals

This workshop will teach you how to quickly recognize the behavioral “style” of anyone. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to adapt your own communication style to quickly establish rapport and trust… with nearly anyone. This information will help you become a master networker. Discover how to leverage behavioral styles to make networking pay off in tangible business results for you.


Certified Networker

The Certified Networker II is ideal for small business owners and sales professionals who have grown weary of time- and cost-intensive lead acquisition and cold calling. They will learn how to dramatically improve sales prospecting efficiency with proven referral marketing approaches.

The program’s customized curriculum is designed to provide business professionals with tips, tools and techniques to help them become more effective and productive business networkers. In addition, all participants leave the program with their own customized referral- based marketing business plan.   The Certified Networker II is taught in a series of 12 interactive modules designed to give participants a complete overview of the referral marketing process along with requisite skills and a plan that insures success.


How To Fill Your Referral Pipeline

A one-day seminar in which participants learn about a powerful yet easy referral process and actually leave with scheduled appointments. When was the last time you went to a seminar and walked away with business? At the Referral Institute we not only show sales people and business owners how to fill their sales pipeline, we also jump-start the process. On the day of training participants actually schedule appointments with qualified prospects. And it’s easy. Of course, we provide valuable information about our Referral Process during the one-day seminar. However, the focus of our program is on having you participate in the process. So you not only learn about it, you have first hand experience with it.

Pipeline Seminar participants use the RISE2TM strategy to Identify, Strategize and Execute a process that will efficiently generate enough referrals to completely fill up their sales pipeline. In order to make this training and your time more effective, all participants are required to attend this training with a trusted member from their network and to bring their Rolodex, address book or electronic database. The investment in this program covers the fees for BOTH participants. Working together as a team of two you will learn the RISE2 process and how to generate more and better referrals for each other.


High Impact Presentations & Public Speaking Prowess

 Presentation skills play a major role in your success, no matter if you’re selling yourself, your company, or a specific product or service. Even though you may not be, or need to be, a professional speaker, most business situations call for an influential and dynamic presence. Your abilities to present in front of others can make or break any deal.

In this session with Brennan you will learn the importance of the “high”, the “low”, and the “middle” in your presentation skills, why storyboarding your presentation is vitally important, and why choreography must be a part of your presentations. Brennan will help you discover why it’s not just a presentation, it’s a belief.


Brennan Scanlon Consulting


  • Personal Branding
  • Image
  • Presentation skills
  • Emotionally Charged Connection/Emotionally Based Message
  • Personal Story/Passion
  • Message feedback, refinement, coaching
  • Behavioral Style/Disc/Platinum Rule-Coaching
  • Network Development
  • Networking Database Management
  • Target Market Identification
  • 18 Tactics to Motivate
  • 15 Ways to Promote
  • Networking Scorecard
  • 200 Point requirement (weekly)
  • Tailoring & accountability
  • Pipeline Calculations
  • Value of an appointment
  • Referral Values
  • Relationship Goals
  • One to One goals/week